Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Continuing the process of "Integrating the Spiritual with the Physical", we offer Therapeutic Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

A full body massage is given in a nurturing environment. Aromatherapy is incorporated, as well as soft relaxing music. Both help to set the energy for this special healing space and contribute to the overall healing process.

Massage supports general health and well-being. Ginny as a healer brings dimensions of sensitivity and focused healing energy to this powerful space - touch with awareness.

$ 90.00 Per Sixty-minute session

$ 130.00 Per Ninety-minute session

Hot Stone Massage

Human beings have used hot stones for eons. In the 1990s the healing aspects of hot stones were reintroduced into spas and private practices.

Hot stone massage combines the benefits of heat application and massage therapy. The heat begins to relax the muscle which prepares the body for deeper work.

Benefits include: increased blood flow to muscle tissue; a detoxification treatment; muscles release faster thus providing a deep tissue healing; provides a deep state of relaxation and stress reduction and it balances and soothes the autonomic nervous system.

The therapeutic potential of hot stone massage goes beyond measure.

$ 150.00 Per Sixty-minute session, Placement Stones

$ 225.00 Per Ninety-minute session, Placement and Moving Stones


Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body.

Reflexology has many benefits:

reduces stress and induces relaxation.
improves circulation
cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
balances the whole system and revitalizes energy
Reflexology is worked through ten energy zones/channels that run the length of the body from head to toe. All organs and parts of the body lie along one or more of these zones.

Working each zone in the foot affects the entire zone throughout the body (e.g. working the kidney reflex area of the foot will revitalize and balance the entire zone and improve function of the organ). The feet are a perfect microcosm of the whole body and are remarkably sensitive and receptive to this work.

Reflexology is given in a nurturing environment, with aromatherapy and soft relaxing music.

$ 90.00 Per Sixty-minute session