Hands on Healings

This is also known as "laying on of the hands", the ability to change energy as you touch the body.

Ginny's thirty-one years of spiritual training, healing, communication and spiritual energy work is focused directly upon the natural and spiritual bodies. The healer does the healings while you lie on the table fully clothed.

Telepathic channels are cleared and quieted. Interference that exists between the spiritual body and the natural body is cleared.

The natural body stores energy; so a light to medium touch is used, with special attention given to the skeletal joints, endocrine glands, hands and feet.

The relationship between the seven major chakras of the spiritual body and the endocrine glands of the natural body is brought into present time as foreign energy is released. Another miracle space is provided.

$ 90.00 Per Sixty-minute session

$ 130.00 Per Ninety-minute session

Ear Coning

Also known as ear candling, this healing modality began over 3000 years ago.

It has been used to aid in spiritual awakening and emotional clearing. Ear coning is helpful in relieving cold, flu, swimmers ear symptoms, and in removing excess wax, debris, candida, and parasites.

Other benefits include improvement in hearing, smell, taste, vision and mental functioning. Ear coning detoxifies the sinus and lymph systems.

A hollow candle is used and the spiral shape and smoke create a vacuum, drawing debris into the cone. Using essential oils, a face and neck massage is given during the session to facilitate release.

Ear coning is very relaxing and noninvasive, and a great healing is received.

$ 45.00 One pair of small candles/ $ 90.00 two pair of small candles

$ 65.00 One pair of King Candles